Thursday, March 26th: 6:00 PM- Hot Rods and Storm
7:00 PM- Bulls and Express


2015 Instructional Soccer League Registration


Registration  GOING ON NOW!!!!

Registration ENDS: Friday, April 10, 2015.

6-12 year olds

FEES: $25

*Out Of County: $40*
*Fee includes jersey.



 2015 13-14 & 15-17 YEAR OLDS BASEBALL and SOFTBALL,

18-ADULT BASEBALL & SOFTBALLbaseball_clipart_red_white_2

*Teams will be drafted. Coaches needed (Coaches can be players for Adult Leagues ONLY.)


*Out of County: $60*

Registration for 13-14 & 15-17 year old

Baseball & Softball GOING ON NOW!!

Registration ENDS: Friday, April 10, 2015

*Evaluations will start Tuesday, April 14th .


Registration for 18-UP Baseball/Softball GOING ON NOW!!

Registration ENDS: Friday, May 22, 2015

 *Baseball-Males & Softball-Females Slow Pitch*
For Any Questions Please Contact Us at 706.468.4916; on Facebook at Jasper County Recreation Department; or E-mail at jaspercountyrecreation@gmail.com



The following are ALL the 2015 Rosters:

*Click on each group to pull up the rosters*

2015 11-12 Softball Rosters 

2015 11-12 Baseball Rosters 

2015 9-10 Baseball Rosters 

2015 9-10 Softball Rosters 

2015 9-10 Softball Rosters 

2015 7-8 Baseball Rosters 

2015 7-8 Softball Rosters 

2015 T-Ball Rosters 

2015 Wee Ball Rosters

*and First Day Practice Schedule*


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Practice Schedules:

2015 Monday Thursday Practice Schedules

*7-8, 11-12 Baseball and Softball*

2015 Tuesday-Friday Practice Schedules

*T-Ball, 9-10 Baseball and Softball* 

*If you would like to sign up for our texting service, text JCREC to 84483.


2014-15 BASKETBALL  :

Congratulations to the 2015 Midget Girls District 6


2015-02-27 11.46.49

The Jasper County Midget Girls All-Stars:
Front Row (Left to Right): Katrina Callaway, Summer Victrum, Shakahi Thomas,
Kae Campbell, Madison Smith, BriAnna Minter, D’Asia Smith, and McKenzie Minter
Back Row: Coaches Doris Moore and Eric Minter


Do you know how to find out instantly when practice or games have been cancelled due to weather?  Click the link below,enter your phone number, and get a text as soon as we make the decision to cancel an activity!


If you have questions please e-mail us at admin@jaspercorec.com or you may call the office at 706-468-4916.