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Coach’s Corner

Head Coaches:
Volunteer Application Form
NAYS.ORG-NYSCA Online Certification :
 *Must complete the training and register in the sport you are coaching.
 *Must complete the concussion training which can be found on NAYS.ORG: Look on left hand side of page once you have completed the first training.


Assistant Coaches:
Volunteer Application
CDC Online Concussion Training
 *Must complete quiz; print certificate and give to JCRD.
*CDC-Only for Assistant Coaches. Head Coaches must go through NAYS.ORG.


Concussion Policy:

The Jasper County Recreation Department Concussion Policy consists of two very distinct procedures. This policy is required for ALL coaches regardless of their age and/or status (Head coach or an Assistant Coach). These procedures are designed to comply with recently passed legislation concerning concussion in youth sports. It will be necessary to complete a concussion training course every three (3) years.

STEP 1: The first portion of the JCRD Concussion Policy is the taking of a FREE online training course. ALL coaches MUST complete this training course prior to participating in any Jasper County Recreation Department athletic activity whether it be a practice or a game situation.

STEP 2: The second portion of the JCRD Concussion policy is the Removal-From and Return-to-Play procedure. Any athlete exhibiting signs and symptoms of concussion either during a practice or during a game MUST be immediately removed. This athlete MAY NOT return to play nor participate in any JCRD activity on the same day that he or she has been removed (even if a written medical clearance is provided).

In addition, the athlete is not permitted to return to play or participate in any JCRD activity until he or she has been assessed and received written clearance by a physician or by another licensed health care provider. A Return-to-Play form must be submitted to the coach prior to allowing the athlete to participate in any activity with the athlete’s team, whether it be a practice or a game situation.

Concussion Notification Form: Must be filled out after a Concussion Incident
Return to Play Form: Parent/Guardian Must fill out to allow Player Participation after a Concussion Incident.


Concussion Information:
Key Points for a Suspected Concussion
CDC Fact Sheet for Coaches
CDC Concussion Actionplan for Coaches
CDC Training Lessons
CDC Heads-up/Concussion Quiz