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2015 10-12 Boys B2015 10-12 Champs Boys Basketball2asketball Champions: Clippers

Front Row (L-R): E. Wilson J.Christian
A. Pennamon
T. Huff
Back Row (L-R): J. Rivera C.Dennis
Coach P. Tripp A. Link
M. Cain





2015 10-12 Girls Basketball Champions: Cavaliers

2015 10-12 Champions Girls Basketball2Front Row (L-R): C. Jackson,
A. Rogers, M. Waddleton, S. Victrum
Middle Row (L-R): T. Jacobs,
K. Epps, S. Appling, 
Coach D. Jackson
Back Row (L-R): Coach K. Jacobs
and A. Williams







2015 7-9 Boys Basketball Champions: Spurs

2015 7-9 Boys Basketball Champs2Front Row (L-R):
B. Jackson
J. Smith
Middle Row (L-R):
K. Thomas,
N. McMichael
D. Simpson
G. Simpson
K. Staples
Back Row (L-R): Coaches
M. Thomas and
C. Dennis



2015 7-9 Girls Basketball Champions: Dream

2015 7-9 Girls Basketball ChampsFront Row
(L-R): J. Rivera G. DeGarmo
D. Manning
Back Row
(L-R): H. Crews K. Schilling
R. Davis M. Bostic
Coached by:
A. Crews and B. Schilling